Small steps to success…

July 2020 Newsletter

We’re constantly reminded that when working with young children and especially those with disabilities, that small steps need to be celebrated as big achievements because they pave the foundation for all future development.

Our Work under Lockdown level 3

Our way of working continues to be impacted by the Lockdown level 3 regulations, and with the dramatic increase in cases we are very aware of mitigating the risk and spread of infection.

What does that mean?
We are continuing with home-based learning only. This includes some Catch-up children who’s parents we have been able to make contact with.

Our resource centre remains closed to the public, we are offering our second hand shop sales from the street and we are conducting therapy days at the centre with limited numbers of children and staggered to enforce social distancing. Screening protocols are very strict (mask, temperature, contact register & sanitise).

Therapy Success

A total of 25 new assistive devices were issued in Term 2 to 14 children. This included training with teams from Dani the OT on how to use the soft hand splints and the new standing frames.

54 children were supported with therapy home visits over the months of May & June. Of this, 21 children received support from both the Physio and OT in order to provide more intensive support.

Right Image: Adjustments to the standing frames which support positioning for children who cannot yet stand unassisted. Centre Image: Training with the Braemer and Bhambula team on how to fit the soft hand splints
Bottom Left Image: Regular stretching supports the elasticity of the muscles and prevents contractures 

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