Siyakwazi implements its principles and methods through the following approaches

Non-centre based (NCB) services 

Through non-centre based (NCB) services Siyakwazi works towards providing support for parents and caregivers by identifying, screening and developing programmes for children with special education needs (SEN) who are not attending ECD centres or schools. Our Siyasizas also promote disability awareness within the local community and promote links with local services to support sustainability, for example accessing therapy at the local clinic.


Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres 

Siyakwazi works together with Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres and creches to promote improved inclusive practices and appropriate early learning programmes. This assists to reduce developmental delays and ensure early identification of children with disabilities and/or learning difficulties. We also promote enhanced learning for all children. This is further supported through access to appropriate educational resources through the Siyakwazi Resource centre.  

Through our ECD programme we have seen an increased number learners with barriers to learning, smoothly transition into primary school.


Inclusive Teaching Support for Schools

Within schools we work towards improved transition from ECD into formal schooling. Interventions include improving school readiness within Grade R and intervention groups within Grade 1 promoting inclusion and development within a particular area of learning. These intervention groups can include areas of learning where children need further support. For example, a literacy group of approximately 6 children learning about books, language and communication skills. We also implement Individual Support Plans (ISP’s) for those learners needing individual targets and support, enabling them to move forward in their development. We support the effective transition through appropriate administrative systems displaying the full history of a child and having effective communication structures in place with Grade R teachers. We believe in a close link to Full service schools and local primary schools to enhance success for all learners early on in their school careers.


Mentorship Programme

Children are not the only beneficiaries of Siyakwazi’s programme. Our organisation is also involved in the upskilling of individuals who show a keen interest in working with children. This is implemented through the Siyasiza mentorship programme. We meet as a team twice a term for Siyasiza meetings to organise, strategise and monitor all the services we provide, ensuring quality is maintained and solutions to challenges are brainstormed. Our mentorship sessions, are set aside for building capacity internally through training and mentorship. We cover many topics and themes, including early intervention, early language development, inclusive practices and many many more ways of doing what we do with more creativity and excellence. This programme also includes accessing learnerships for further studying for the Siyasizas.

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