About Us

We are a community-based organisation founded in 2013 who support children with disabilities and barriers to learning under the age of 7 within rural communities in the UGU District, KwaZulu-Natal.

Half a million children with disabilities in South Africa have been shut out of South Africa’s education system. In KwaZulu Natal, the highest number of children not accessed to any form of education, is 117 000. Most children with disabilities are hidden away at home and lack the opportunities to learn and progress. Siyakwazi has seen that assisting parents to enrol their child with a disability and/or barrier to learning in an ECD centre, makes a significant difference in breaking this isolation. Inclusion of children with disabilities in ECD services is legislated by Government, but is still in the process of becoming a reality in many of our communities. Parents and teachers are often unaware of the potential that all children have to learn, function, communicate and participate with other children. Siyakwazi creates an ‘eye opener’ into the potential of every child to learn and supports teachers and parents with specific ways to include children with disabilities and/or learning barriers with specialised tools and resources.


Vision & Mission

We focus on giving support to children within rural communities of the Ugu district, no matter what their disability, learning problem or circumstances may be, to help unlock their full potential and overcome any barriers preventing success.

The Principles Underlying What We Do

We believe that ‘all children can learn’. We support children with a range of disabilities and learning difficulties, including those with profound disabilities.

Identification and early intervention: Promotion of inclusive activities early in a child’s life enhances learning and ensures greater success later on.

Collaboration: We work in partnership with government departments at local and district level to strengthen effective service provision. 

Use of available resources:We follow a process of community mapping and work towards building on existing resources and assets.

Working towards sustainability through initiatives such as fundraising and modelling our work to train like-minded NGO’s to help support our work.