Siyakwazi’s Resource Centre Expansion

What a momentous occasion to mark, the completion of Siyakwazi’s Resource Centre expansion. It was only just 5 years ago that Siyakwazi’s services were operating out of borrowed space from the Masakhane Community Centre. Monthly team meetings involved flasks of coffee and tea and biscuits passed around. The filing system consisted of each Siyasiza keeping a file that they had to carry around with them. 

Siyakwazi first broke ground in 2018 with phase 1 of the build completed which provided a small office area, space for a toy library and toilet facilities. In 2019, phase 2 was completed which saw the addition of the hall. This allowed for an expansion of Siyakwazi’s therapy programme which had previously focused primarily on home visits. Siyakwazi was also able to host various training sessions with the team as well as teachers/ practitioners and community members. With the growth in Siyakwazi’s therapy programme in 2020 and 2021 the need for additional space became paramount.

It has been a special and dedicated journey to watch the process of growth unfold over the last 4 years. The expansion includes the addition of a therapy room for the bi-weekly therapy sessions, a meeting room which doubles up as a sewing room for the parent sewing hub, a small courtyard that allows access to safe play while children await therapy, toilet facilities and 3 small shops. The one shop is now a dedicated space for Siyakwazi’s second hand store and the other two are rented out to community businesses. 

A special Thank you to all our funders and donors who have made this centre expansion possible:
Impande Norway, The National Lottery Commission, Even Ground

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