Celebrating Success: One Family’s Story

Zandile and her daughter live in the Manzamhlophe area of kwaXolo joined Siyakwazi’s Inclusion programme in 2019. Nosipho, Siyakwazi’s kwaXolo area manager, was conducting door to door awareness to share with the community about the work that Siyakwazi is doing. Zandile’s daughter is a child with Cerebral Palsy (CP) who was diagnosed at birth. She was 3 years old when she started being supported by Siyakwazi. 

Through support of Siyakwazi’s Inclusion model Zandile was able to learn about the different ways that she could support her daughter’s learning and development. The Therapy programme supported the existing therapy interventions which she was receiving at the local clinic and referrals for assistive devices were sped up. In 2021, local orthopedic surgeons through the Walk Foundation, selected Zandile’s daughter for a Botox procedure to assist with improving the flexibility of her muscles and which made stretching easier for Zandile thus reducing the risk of contractures. 

Zandile participated in Siyakwazi’s sewing hub skills training that same year and was trained by Siyasiza (field worker), Philile on basic sewing skills. She also participated in a Cerebral Palsy focused training intervention which was hosted at Siyakwazi’s Resource Centre by Malumele Onwards. 

In 2022 Zandile joined the Siyakwazi team as a part-time fieldworker to support creating awareness within the community and work with children and parents of children with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Because of Zandile’s experience and being a mother of a child with CP, it has been easy for parents to open up to her about their experiences with their own children. Zandile has been able to use the information she has learnt from Siyakwazi as well as the Malumele Onwards course to share with parents about the different types of CP and how the parent and family are able to make a positive impact in their child’s life. 

Zandile currently supports 5 children with CP and their families. Her work involves teaching and encouraging parents on how to stretch their children daily.

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