Celebrating our NCB Programme

Linathi Faku, age 7 years old, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in 2012.  He has also been diagnosed with developmental delays. Linathi, like many children with disabilities who live in rural South Africa, is unable to attend a mainstream schooling environment. Linathi began working with Siyakwazi’s Non-Centre Based (NCB) programme in August 2015. 

Linathi and physiotherapy

The team work together to move Linathi into various positions and assist with his mobility

Together with her team, the NCB co-ordinator, Mpume Nzimakwe, carry out weekly home visits with Linathi, providing much needed learning and stimulation. The programme incorporates various elements, from storytelling, to singing songs, as well as assisting Linathi’s mom, Ayandiswa, with moving him into various positions. Physiotherapy is an important part of Linathi’s programme and the team and his mom have partnered with local clinics and physios to ensure that they are constantly keeping him mobile.

Linathi and Ayandiswa

Postioning is very important for Linathi and his Mom is excellent in creating a position for him where he is comfortable and ready to learn.

“His mom, Ayandiswa, is one of the main reasons why Linathi has improved so much,” states Mphume. “Parental  involvement and support is a critical part of the success of our programme and Ayandiswa has shown huge dedication to her child’s progress.” 

Since working with Siyakwazi, Linathi has shown a significant improvement in his mobility, his recognition of sound and colour and his response to stimuli.

“Our goal is to reach families of children with disabilities, create awareness of inclusion and enable caregivers to implement learning, growth and development,” states Cathy Mather-Pike, Founder and Director of Siyakwazi.

Linathi and the hammock

The natural outline of a hammock allows Linathi to keep his head and body centred as well as the swaying from side to side helps his tight muscles to relax.


To view Linathi’s video story click here

For more information about our NCB programme or to donate towards the resources needed to continue our work, visit www.siyakwazi.org.

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