Celebrating Champions in our Schools Programme

Enkoneni Primary recognised for their excellent Inclusive Learning in 2018

Our School’s programme has continued to grow since its introduction in 2012. Because we are limited by the number of Primary Schools that we work with in Kwanzimakwe our focus lies in the quality of work that we do. This is measured by the number of children who improve, teacher participation and buy-in and an increased awareness amongst parents around disability. It’s important that schools follow an inclusive approach to learning so that children who we work with in our ECD or NCB programmes have a path of continued learning.

Enkoneni Primary is the newest school we are working with in the Schools Programme and were chosen to receive our Inclusion Champion certificate at the end of 2018. The teachers at this school working together with Nomvusulelo, our Siyasiza, make sure that all children are learning and being included, even with challenges like large classes.

In this way we have seen whole classes in Grade R actively learning through the catch-up programme realising our goal of supporting children at risk of falling behind. This working together has improved our interventions significantly.

The feedback from the school has been very encouraging too:

“Enkoneni would like to Thank Siyakwazi for giving us one of their best Siyasizas to help us in Grade R & 1. She has helped children with barriers to learning, even using her breaktimes to help these children. Siyakwazi has been a good help by doing orientation at the beginning of the year to help children get ready for school and talking to parents about the importance of early education and disabilities. It is our wish at Enkoneni that we can get additional support from Siyakwazi.”

A quick look at the Stats:

  • 202 children supported in Grade R and Grade 1 in 2018

  • 32 children were identified as being ‘at risk of falling behind’ through our red flag programme and were supported in Grade R & Grade 1

  • Identified ‘red flag’ children were tested again at the end of the year with a level-up assessment. Of those tested, 27 children passed more than 4 of the 9 basic development criteria, and 14 learners achieved 100%.

Our schools team will continue to conduct the red flag assessments in 2019 within Grade R and Grade 1. Furthermore we look forward to the growth of the catch-up programme which is designed to specifically support children who are at risk of falling behind. All of the above speaks to our principles of early identification and intervention to ensure that all children can learn.

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