Supporting children with disabilities, Mbali’s Story

Woman and Child

Despite the lockdown we have continued with our Sinezwi, giving parents who we work with an opportunity to share their story and their experiences. This is Mbali’s story Mbali was in Matric when she found out that she was pregnant, she hadn’t given much thought to being a mom. At that time she was living…

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Occupational Therapy to support Holistic Development

Child Therapy

The model which Siyakwazi implements, supports the holistic inclusion and development of a child with a disability. We support early identification and advocate for early intervention. In some instances, supporting developmental delays or barriers to learning, early intervention leads to prevention as we support a child through critical developmental pathways at an early age. At…

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Understanding Disability: The Complexity

Half a million children with disabilities in South Africa have been shut out of South Africa’s education system. In KwaZulu Natal, the highest number of children not accessed to any form of education, is 117 000. Most are hidden away at home and lack the opportunities to learn and progress. The medical model of disability…

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A story of Hope, Wendy’s Story

We want to support parents of children with disabilities, show them the role they play in their child’s early learning, create advocacy for the rights of children with disabilities and allow them a space to grow and nurture their own beliefs around disability so that they too can be a voice which breaks stigma and…

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Adjusting to our new norm

A global trend is happening right now and we are by no means isolated from its impact. Around the world everyone is starting to come to terms with the pandemic brought about by Covid19 and how life as we ‘knew’ it is starting to transform into something different. At Siyakwazi, we, like many, are adjusting…

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