Siyakwazi 2017: A Year in Review


2017 was a great year for growth at Siyakwazi. Our success would not be possible without the generosity and commitment from so many companies and individuals who assist with funding and make what we do possible. From monthly donations to, collecting waste, to donations for our second-hand shop and so much more. We encourage you all to take the time and read our Annual Report so that you can truly see the impact that you are helping us achieve. After all the numbers make sense of what we do in the bigger picture, but it’s the individual stories that are the true reflection of our impact!

Non-Centre Based Programmes

We currently reach 35 children under 5 years through our NCB services of which 21 have been identified as children with disabilities. An approximate 1400 home visits were completed in 2017.

ECD Centre Programmes

We are currently engaged with 18 ECD Centres in the Ugu district. A total of 991 children under the age of 5 years are impacted by our ECD services. A total of 756 interventions and/or support visits were conducted at ECD Centres in 2017. 

Grade R & Grade 1 Schools Programme

We currently work with 4 local Primary Schools, and reach a total of 456 children in Grade R. Of this, 155 children have been identified as experiencing some type of barrier to learning.

Download Siyakwazi Annual Report 2017_final