Growing Dreams: Siyakwazi’s Resource Centre

Siyakwazi’s Resource Centre has been a lifelong dream of our organisation. A dream conceived even before we had properly established ourselves within the KwaNzimakwe region and formalised our programmes. It is so exciting to finally see that dream grow into a reality. At the end of 2017 we saw Phase 1 of the Resource Centre completed, thanks to some very generous funding from various donors. With Phase 1 complete our brick and mortar hub is one step closer but still a few steps behind becoming operational. Our aim for 2018 is to chase some important funding and resources, in order to see Phase 2 complete.

What we need for the Resource Centre?

Phase 2 has been separated into two parts, Phase 2.1 will see a concrete slab i.e. roof be put over the current structure. In order to achieve this, we are needing steel and concrete to lay the slab. In addition, doors and windows will need to be fitted, plumbing installed and structure to be plastered and painted. All these items add up and we are appealing to individuals and local businesses for any support that they can offer. Once this section is complete, our team will be able to move into the building and begin their operations from there.

Phase 2.2 will see the end of Phase 2 completed, with a hall built on top of the office section where a lot of our awareness sessions, workshops and training will be conducted. The total estimated cost of completing Phase 2 comes in at just over R230 000.00

Phase 3 will see the remaining piece of the land be transformed into an active learning and play area for children. Using container libraries and additional resource hubs, increasing the number of people that we can have on site and actively participating in inclusive learning. Phase 3 will cost an additional R285 000.00 to complete.

A combination of fund raising as well as donations of building materials will be an enormous help in seeing this project completed. For a full list of bill of quantities please email To donate to the Resource Centre project, click on the below link.

Thank you to the donors who have contributed thus far to our Resource Centre:

South Coast Mall, Mac Consulting, Impande Norway, Build It

Why are we doing this?

For those of you who have followed our journey, you may know that the sustainability behind inclusive learning is one of our core principals. Our aim is to empower as many people – community members, parents and teachers, with the necessary learning and resources to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to learn in the critical 0 – 7 year period.

For most of our existence we have been fortunate enough to run our services from the Masakhane Community Centre. However, a hub with access to dedicated resources, a space where ongoing learning and development can take place, and more importantly a point of operation for our ever-growing team will ensure that we not only extend our reach through our programmes, but also continuously deliver on the ‘Izinga’ (quality) that is fundamental to their success.