What We Do: School Readiness


We support ECD centres to strengthen early learning and work to improve the transition from ECD into formal schooling. Within schools we identify children at risk of falling behind and implement catch up interventions. Through community outreach we equip parents and caregivers to support children`s development.


Red Flag Screening of children at ECD Centres & Schools

Siyakwazi has developed this tool in order to be able to identify children at risk of falling behind. It is designed to be used in groups and test 9 age appropriate and basic developmental milestones focusing on t five areas of development: Language (Expressive and Receptive), Numeracy (Counting and Measurement), Fine Motor Development, Gross Motor Development, including Crossing the Midline and touching briefly on Social and Emotional Development.

Our team assess children across the different development age brackets from 0-7 years at ECD centres and primary schools by facilitating early learning activities to identify gaps in their development. We also seek to find children who are currently not attending ECD Centres.


Support of children at risk of falling behind

Siyakwazi runs Catch-up groups, using relevant developmental activities supporting children identified by the Red Flag Screening Tool. This provides extra learning support for children at risk of falling behind to address gaps in development and improve school readiness.

Siyakwazi has developed a Grade R & Grade 1 Catch-up manual with activities and resources that the Siyasizas use to support development and school readiness in the Primary School classrooms.  These basic areas of development are included in the Literacy, Numeracy and Life skill sessions that have been specifically aligned with South Africa’s CAPS Curriculum and engage with the themes and skills that teachers are expected to use in classes.

The Early learning support focuses on children in ECD Centres from 0-2 years and focuses on a variety of activities across four core learning domains. Activities are implemented with the children by the Siyasiza and practitioners are capacity built to implement the activities on a day-to-day basis. Quality learning is in the first 1000 days is critical to support the holistic development of all children.

Children 0-7 screened for barriers to learning
Children 0-7 identified for early intervention programme