What We Do: Inclusion


We work towards inclusion of children with disabilities within ECD centres and schools. For children with severe disabilities where school is not an option, we support parents and caregivers to provide adequate care and stimulation at home. We also raise awareness about the rights of children with disabilities within the wider community.


Siyakwazi regularly visits the homes of children with moderate, severe and profound disabilities where no schooling is available. We support parents/guardians to 1) access care dependency grant and assistive devices 2) attend therapy and implement therapy programme and 3) provide adequate care and stimulation for the child.

Our interventions also result in improved knowledge and skills among parents/guardians of how to care for and stimulate their children. Ultimately, we see increased health and wellbeing among children as well as improved abilities to function and communicate. Parents develop confidence in their ability to support their child effectively and in turn are able to support others in the community with knowledge and understanding around disability.

As community members refer children with disabilities to Siyakwazi and parents/guardians request assistance we work to see a decrease in children with disabilities being hidden away at home without adequate support and stimulation.  


Siyakwazi lobby with ECD centres and schools to include children with disabilities and barriers. We promote inclusive practices which involves laddering activities (differentiation) and providing individual support enhancing participation and holistic development. Siyakwazi supports groups of children where extra activities promote learning in specific areas of development.

As we equip ECD practitioners and teachers we see changes in how they view and support children with disabilities and barriers. Our interventions also improve learning outcomes for children with disabilities and barriers, supporting their overall development in the learning environment.

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